torsdag 9 oktober 2014

Messsage from Josephine

The summer is over but at KIM the autumn work is just beginning and as chairperson I am very excited and happy that we have just launched our new website this past month at Taking on a new blogspot format we will be regularly updating the site with our current work as well as important documentation and news for upcoming events and meetings. Also we will be updating the pages with important archived material, for a single, easy resource for all things KIM!

We are happy of our collaborations with FPES and the RFSL café, once a month, every second tuesday, which provide meeting and social spaces for anyone and everyone who might want to meet like-minded support and discussion.

In addition, KIM is continuing its work in consultancy and lobbying for trans and gender related concerns working with Swedish national governing bodies, social services and healthcare. We are working on briefs, legal statutes and strategy papers in all of these sectors, working closely with RFSL, RFSL Ungdom, FPES amongst other national and international partners. As we continue to update our new website we will be including details of our work and the outcomes of these processes.

In the meantime we welcome you to become a part of KIM by joining as a member by contacting us at More details on membership can be found here We thank you for your continued support and we are excited to carry on working with you for gender, gender identity and gender expression in Sweden.

Josephine Krieg
Chairperson of KIM

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